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About Jovalt Gloves

Growing up in AZ, I saw my first Mexican baseball glove at the age of 15 years, but didn’t know how to get one.  Being close to the border there were a variety of gloves to choose from, but none were the quality of gloves that were made in central Mexico.  I finally bought my first Mexican glove after college when I played in a baseball tournament in central Mexico.  I then began playing ball professionally in Mexico and that is when I began to purchase gloves and bring them back to family and friends.  Jovalt Gloves has given me the opportunity to expand and the ability to sell quality gloves from Mexico to all types of baseball and softball players.  Many parents now have an option to purchase a customized glove for their child or children for an attainable price.  The real joy is when a child receives our gloves from their family or a friend.  The look on their face is priceless.

Jovalt Gloves is a USA company that utilizes a factory based out of central Mexico.  Gloves imported from Mexico are made from a steer-hide leather that is the best around.  If taken care of properly, your glove will last many years.  Jovalt gloves are handcrafted to customer specifications.

If you are looking for a professionally handcrafted baseball or softball glove that will improve your feel and give you confidence like the pros, then Jovalt Gloves are just right for you. 

Our customers can feel secure that not only do they have a quality product but one that lasts.

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